Can Soda Really Dissolve a Tooth Overnight?

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Dental Myths & Misconceptions

Have you ever heard that the first president of the United States had wooden teeth? It seems plausible, but it’s not true – George Washington had several sets of dentures over the years, made from ivory, gold, metal, and even a few human teeth. 

We don’t know of any modern-day dental myths that are quite as strange, but these are some common misconceptions we’ve heard: 

Myth: Toothpaste can make your teeth whiter.

Fact: While many toothpastes are labeled as having whitening properties, they can’t do more than remove light, superficial stains from the surface of teeth giving your teeth an overall brightening. Dentists use products with strong whitening agents that can make teeth eight or more shades whiter

Myth: If you leave a tooth in a glass of sugary soda overnight, it will dissolve.

Fact: Soda definitely isn’t good for your teeth, but it can’t destroy them overnight. 

Myth: Diet soda is better for your teeth than regular soda.

Fact: This is somewhat true, because diet soda contains no sugar. But it does contain acid that erodes enamel. (A tip: Limit soda intake, and sip it through a straw so it has less contact with your teeth). 

Myth: A badly decayed tooth should be extracted.

Fact: While sometimes extraction is the only option, your dentist would prefer to preserve the tooth, if at all possible. A crown and/or a root canal may be a viable alternative to extraction (and if the tooth does need to be extracted, your dentist may recommend a dental implant as a replacement).

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