5 Conditions Dentists Can Detect in a Routine Checkup

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Why Dental Care is an Important Part of Your Overall Health

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Most people agree that going to the dentist and getting a routine dental cleaning is good for oral health. But a trip to the dentist is also an investment in whole-body wellness! That’s because many chronic health conditions present with signs and symptoms in and around the mouth. In many cases, your dentist may be the first healthcare provider to alert you of a potential issue.

Check out these five health conditions that dentists can find during a regular exam:

1. Stress

Chronic stress can be very hard on the body and mind and even increase your risk for conditions like heart disease, but physical symptoms of stress are often overlooked.

Signs of stress that dentists often notice in their patients include worn down enamel (from grinding teeth) and painful and/or tense jaw muscles. A painful and stiff jaw could also be an early warning sign of rheumatoid arthritis, a type of autoimmune disorder that affects the joints.

2. Oral Cancer

While relatively rare, oral cancer is sometimes the cause of non-healing wounds and ulcers in the mouth.

3. Diabetes

Since diabetes (chronically elevated levels of blood sugar) is associated with inflammation and a weakened immune system, this common health condition can often lead to swollen, red, and receding gums and bacterial infections.

Swollen red gums may also be an early sign of other conditions including dementia and heart disease.

4. Anemia

Anemia – a deficiency of red blood cells – can cause chronic fatigue and increase the risk of complications like depression or delayed wound healing. Pale or light pink oral tissue and a smooth-looking tongue are symptoms associated with anemia that dentists may detect.

5. Osteoporosis

Many people don’t realize they have dangerously low bone mineral density until after they suffer a bone fracture. But a dentist can observe signs of osteoporosis on radiographic imaging or physical examination (e.g., teeth may become loose due to bone loss in the jaw) even before any other obvious symptoms occur.

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