What to Do if You Lose a Crown

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Stay Calm, and Call Your Dentist

Has this ever happened to you? You’re eating, when suddenly you sense an unusual object in your mouth. You spit it out into your hand and discover it’s one of your crowns, dislodged from your tooth. That can be an alarming experience! No need to panic, though – read on to learn what to do if you lose a crown and how to prevent that from happening. 

About Dental Crowns

A crown helps restore a damaged tooth’s ideal shape, size, and function. It essentially functions like a cover or cap placed over the tooth. Crowns are securely bonded to teeth with a special type of dental cement, but they can sometimes come loose or fall off. If this happens to you, contact your dentist right away. 

Why You Need to Call Your Dentist

Delaying treatment for a loose or dislodged crown may increase your risk of pain or tooth loss. Don’t hesitate to call – dental offices have emergency hours for this exact situation. Once your dentist can see you and examine your teeth, you’ll know what options you have (for example, a new crown, a temporary filling, etc.).

Keep in mind that if you do lose a crown, that might be a good time to ask your dentist about getting a dental implant. An implant is a longer-lasting solution for missing or damaged teeth. And because dental implants are securely implanted into the bone tissue, you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

How to Avoid Losing a Dental Crown

Ideally, once you get a crown put over a tooth, it’ll stay there. To reduce the risk of losing a crown, keep these helpful prevention strategies in mind:

  • Brush and floss regularly to preserve overall oral health and reduce the chance of bacteria getting underneath the crown and causing more tooth damage.
  • Avoid hard sticky sweets and other foods that can lift or loosen the crown.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for a thorough dental exam and cleaning.

Have You Lost a Dental Crown?

Do you need help for a missing or loose dental crown? Contact the team at MW Dentistry & Esthetics. We can explain the options for restoring your tooth and help keep your teeth and gums healthy with regular preventive care. Call now to schedule your appointment: (765) 643-5356.

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