5 Ways to Improve Tooth Brushing Habits

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Tips on Developing a Routine

Twice per day, for 2 minutes – that’s how often dentists recommend brushing your teeth. If you’ve been struggling to be consistent, MW Dentistry & Esthetics has plenty of ideas to get you started in the right direction.

1. Set an alarm.

Most people brush their teeth in the morning and just before bedtime. To help you avoid “forgetting” that evening session because you’re too tired or that morning session because you’re in a rush to get everyone ready for the day, set alarms on your phone. Alarms remind you to use stop and take those couple of minutes to do something good for your smile.

2. Buy an electric toothbrush.

Some research shows electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual ones at cleaning your teeth and gums. Many also have timers, so you can let the toothbrush keep track of that 2-minute toothbrushing session for you. 

3. Make it enjoyable.

Let’s face it: we’re less likely to do something if we don’t like it, even if we know intuitively that it’s healthy for us. So, find ways to make your brushing sessions more pleasant! Here are some ideas we’ve heard from our patients:

  • Play a favorite song
  • Do “power poses” in the mirror
  • Recite mantras or affirmations in your head

4. Remember the “why.”

What are the biggest reasons you want to be a better brusher? Remind yourself that good oral hygiene habits offer several benefits, including:

  • A healthier brighter smile
  • Better breath
  • Saved money, since it’ll help you prevent oral health conditions like cavities

5. Visit a dentist.

Regular dental exams and cleanings can motivate you to keep up healthy habits between visits. They also give you a chance to review your technique and identify problem areas that need further attention.

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